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The following are those that Animal Utopia has helped so far . . .

Those we have helped

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Animal Utopia  - Nov 2017

Eli Transport bring rescued animals from Romania to the UK.  We met with them to donate 150 kilos of wet and dry  dog and catfood and clothing for needy families.

It was ELI transport that brought us the bundle of fun and joy below that is Jessie!

. . . and then Ursa arrived . . !

All the above were helped with a financial donation

and/or a care package, examples of which you 

can see here below.

M.G. Rescue
Friends 4 Paws Shelter
Ass. League of Animal  Rescue
Romanian Animal Rescue -
(RAR spay/neuter fund)
Sonia's Rescued Souls
Maz N. Horace for ASNI
SAVA's Safe Haven
Save the Death Camp Dogs
Ville Shelter, Bacau
Cristina Blaj, Timisoara
Romania Blue Rescue
Dogs & Cats Rescue
Christina Octavia
Merima Hasonovic
Florentina Iordana
Spay and Neuter
Eli Dog Rescue
Rudozem Street Dogs Rescue

Bulgarian Street cats & Dogs
Costa Blanca Dog Homing
Tala Monastery Cats

Parvolia Pound/Puppies
Afrodite Animal Rescue
Elaine Karmasyn Cat/Dog Rescue

Greek Street Dogs
Parodi's Cats/ spaying strays

In Wintertime we at Animal Utopia do what we can for local neglected gypsy horses.  They are often around town in the soggy barren fields.

These below are lucky not to be tethered but they have no shelter and get no food except what we bring - hay, carrots and a healthy oat/treacle 'meusli' .

​The teasels embedded in their manes, tails and hides must be agony.