This is our mascot Zena, a rescued Yorkie.  Here she is riding shotgun on another haybale destined for the neglected horses.  She also 'inspects' the quality of the oat and vitamin meusli mix before sharing!

We are both committed to the welfare

of all living things.

​​" Reverence for life demands from all 

that they sacrifice a portion

of their own life for others "

Albert Schweitzer

My name is Simon Rickman and this is Piccola,

who sadly passed aged 17.

I am the co-ordinator of Animal Utopia.

I was born in London, England and for 25 years travelled the world with my job as a concert lighting designer, operator and technician, mainly with rock bands.  

I also did TV work, trade shows and exhibitions.

My name is Elizabeth Rickman , I am the founder, organiser and  project manager of Animal Utopia.  I was born in Baltimore USA and have lived in the UK for over 30 years.

My love and compassion for all animals and their wellbeing started early in my life and has remained constant.  I have been a vegetarian since the early 1970s - after looking into some cows'  brown eyes, that choice was easy!

​In the mid 1970s, while living in Washington State in America's Pacific North West, I promoted pet spaying and neutering and personally transported pets from various collection points to the low-cost clinics in Seattle and back again.

I have experience and qualifications in dog grooming, veterinary nursing, pet sitting, nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, law and justice, social work and glass work.

​I also educate people in animal care, especially that of cats.  I recently started home checks for dogs and cats to be adopted or fostered in this area of the UK.

My life in the UK has been a lovely journey which has allowed me the opportunity to see much of Europe.  This has made me more aware of how people in other countries feel about animals and how they treat them.

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