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Animal Utopia  - Nov 2017

. . . yet if you enter the USA with even one piece of undeclared fruit you could be arrested.

‚ÄčThe fruit would certainly be confiscated!

. . . or this one . . .

Joking aside, this is the tragic cruel reality of hunting.

" Killing animals for sport, pleasure adventures or for hides and furs is a phenomenon that is at once disgusting and distressing.  There is no justification to indulge in such acts of brutality. "

His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet

 You probably thought that hunting for skins and heads mounted on wall-plaques went out with the Victorians.  

Well,  think again.  

It is alive and thriving in southern Africa where rich, white,

mainly Americans kill wild animals -  zebra, lion, cheetah, gazelle, rhino - purely for fun and ego.

There is no contest here, no challenge - just a scared animal fleeing from ignorant bastards with a 4 x 4 and a weapon..  ‚ÄčLike these . . .