Dogs missing limbs can recover and cope well;

 with love and care they can have a good life.

But there has been some success . . . !

Some have injuries that require medical

attention if they are rescued

This is a typical kill-shelter.

All the dogs' needs are totally neglected

These next pages contain VERY strong and distressing imagery for which we cannot and do not apologise.

These dogs are in Romania,

Serbia and Bosnia. 

Tragically this dog was strangled

All the dogs suffer emotional trauma

This dog had its snout chopped off and was left for dead; but it survived and is now cared for by a rescuer in Romania.

" All it takes for evil to triumph

is for good people to do nothing. "

Edmund Burke  1729 - 1797

" Man's best friend. "

These precious lives thrown away like rubbish

This dog was lucky to be rescued by someone who loves dogs.  

Love, money and time make all the difference.

Both these dogs were intentionally mutilated and left to die. 

Now rescued, their on-going medical attention requires financial aid.

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Typical street dogs - homeless, hungry

and producing litter after litter.

These dogs were kept in this appalling way

until they were killed