Our task must be to free ourselves

​by widening our circle of compassion ​to include 

all living creatures and all of Nature and its beauty "

Albert Einstein

It is not about what the people want

it is about what the animals need.

The main purpose of Animal Utopia, founded in Aug 2013, is to improve the animals' situation and cater for their needs.  Quality food, bedding and shelter are paramount.  Many charities, especially the smaller ones, are unable to give the animals in their care the shelter they need.  In addition rescuers need financial assistance to pay for veterinary treatment.

The depressed economy has caused many people to give away, even abandon their pets through job loss, relationship breakdown or moving house.  Animal charities are taking in record numbers of pets with more on the waiting lists.  This is stressful for all concerned, in particular, for the animals.  Unfortunately too many people are still being irresponsible by allowing their animals to breed, while others are unable to afford high vet bills, which all adds to the problem.

Helping prevent overbreeding is essential

through education and financial assistance.

Free spay and neuter clinics are paramount.

Depending on donations we aim to help as many as possible.

no money is ever wasted.

Animal Utopia is a charity dedicated to the support of other animal charities and people caring for animals.  We also assist in rescuing animals from neglectful situations to places of sanctuary.

Animal Utopia helps local, national and international animal causes.

Animal Utopia's mission is to raise awareness of

the cruel plight of the countless exploited animal victims 

throughout this inhumane world.  

Spreading awareness will encourage and enable 

action through compassion to end their suffering.

Hello, and welcome to our site! 

​Helping People

to Help Animals

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We often use the power of online petitions to support causes and bring about change.  There have been many successes - do not underestimate people power online!

Here are some links to those we use the most.

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